Make a Great Global Brand

I picked up two item from Exhibit 9.4 in the text book to dicuss how are they important to global brand.

  1. Consistent brand personality

Brand personality is an important thing for people to remember your company, which can make deep impression to customers that what kinds of products and service your company have. According to Agius (2016), the goal of creating a brand personality is creating an identity for your customers to interact with. It’s about turning a company that can often come across as cold and impersonal into something that people can relate to. If customers like your brand identity, they will want your personality and will be more loyal to your company. Customers can also purchase your brand culture and want to be more like your personality by connecting more frequently to your products. There is an example of a Japanese brand called MUJI. It has its clothes, stationery, make up and snacks. All the products they have all related to their personality, which are simple, comfortable, and natural.201507_stationery

  1. Built from a good idea

This is means the company come out this brand as an idea that is good for society or environment. A good idea will easy to let customers to remember, follow and know that the company has social responsibility. An app called Food for All have a good idea that essentially lets people buy a restaurant’s leftovers in an effort to help restaurants cut back on waste and to keep food from piling up in landfills. Users simply search the app for deals nearby; select the food they want to buy; and then go to the restaurant to pick it up. Food For All is on a mission to reduce food waste in the U.S. This good idea helps them to build good impression and impact in society, which give them a hand to improve their app and invite more and more restaurant join them to reduce food in the United States (Addady, 2016).




Addady, M. (2016, November 09). This App Lets You Buy Restaurants’ Leftovers. Retrieved

January 21, 2017, from

Agius, A. (2016). Building a Brand Personality That Resonates: Why and How to Do It. Retrieved

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