Why marketers need to choose Snapchat?

Here I will introduce a social media to all the marketers to use, which is Snapchat. I will tell you why .


According to Gotter (2016), Snapchat has about 100 million active users per day, with more than 800 million video views a day, or 11 percent of the entire US digital population.

You can use Snapchat campaigns with several different strategies and best practices to increase engagement, sales, and followers (Gotter, 2016).

Here are five of the best practices:

  1. Create an emergency.

Creating a sense of urgency is a great strategy when you want to motivate users to take any type of action on your campaign (Gotter, 2016).

  1. Test the content of private messages.

To test the content on Snapchat, send snapshots to some of the users in your private snapshot and measure their engagement. It will be easier to monitor their participation in these smaller batches, which allows you to test the content and then share it with all the followers (and potential public) as a story (Gotter, 2016).

  1. Put your content on the platform.

Snapchat as a platform feels more casual, fun and short than some other platforms. Showcase your brand and its personality, do not worry about the picture of incomplete photo shopping (Gotter, 2016).

  1. Use video and images.

Snapchat reported more than 800 million video views, using multiple types of media never hurt (Gotter, 2016).

  1. Tell a story.

If more than one user can view, snapshots are now played automatically, one by one. This also applies to stories. You can use these pictures and videos to tell stories about multiple posts, which can build interactivity and interest and allow you to overcome the short time constraints of pictures and videos (Gotter, 2016).

Delqado (2016) stated that Snapchat focuses on everything happened in our life. But if you want to improve view counts and engagement on Snapchat, the first step to building a thriving fan base on Snapchat is to focus on engaging with others. This means watching other people’s snaps — and snapping back with relevant comments, emojis and/or questions.

For marketers, measuring Snapchat marketing campaigns using these five metrics, unique views, story Completions, completion rate, fallout rate, and screenshots can help determine campaign success and optimize for future Snapchat-based advertising initiatives (Mediakix, 2016).

All in all, Snapchat is an ideal social media tool for marketers to use it.

Here is their website for you to learn more about it. https://www.snapchat.com/





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